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Our Mission

Mission Statement

The mission of the MYFCC is to assemble and coordinate football and cheer organizations striving for the highest level of education, competition and responsibility toward the development of youth football and cheer. The MYFCC will be guided by, adhere to, and teach the importance of integrity and character in dealing with all aspects of league policies, procedures and administration.

Vision Statement

  • To have uncompromising respect for all people and their intrinsic worth

  • To be an innovative leader in the development of youth football and cheer

  • To be an effective, evolving, principle based, management system

  • To work harmoniously in building character through sport

  • To be cognizant that to serve and educate is more important than winning

  • To be open to new, dynamic and exciting ideas

  • To follow all rules with the awareness that we are the example for youth

Guiding Principles

  • We believe that following and teaching these values will direct us in a clear and principle based path that will further benefit all participants involved in our football and cheer league play as well as everyday life.


  • We must always appreciate and respect the diversity of the human family and recognize our differences as sources of collective wisdom and strength in participating in youth football & cheer.


  • Coaches, directors, administrators and student athletes, must be accountable for all actions on the field, in the classroom and in every aspect of life. We must realize and teach that there are consequences to every decision we make.


  • Say what you mean; and mean what you say. Integrity means that another person can depend upon you in keeping your commitments and conducting honest behavior.


  • Leadership is not announced, it is demonstrated. And in doing so others are inspired to be active in the positive involvement and contributions of putting the best interest of the entire league first. Motivation can produce extraordinary results


  • It takes everyone involved to work together progressively and positively toward the same goals. Many organizations offer many different and creative ideas. It is up to us to embrace and use the combined skills that each has to offer.


  • Sportsmanship is how we conduct ourselves during the actual competition that we are involved in. Since we are in an educational process of youth sport, our classrooms are the practice and game arenas. Administrators, coaches, student athletes, parents and fans are all responsible or showing positive, encouraging conduct as it relates to the MYFCC and in life.


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